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Eric Okhiria

Position: Lawyer

Eric Okhiria is a seasoned Senior Counsel at Alpha Shindara Legal, specializing in criminal defense, human rights law, constitutional law, civil liberties, and public interest litigation. With a steadfast commitment to justice and advocacy, Eric has dedicated his career to protecting the rights of individuals and advocating for social justice causes.

Experience: Several Years
Location: Unit 8 Ashbrooke Business Park, Parkside Lane,Beeston,Leeds LS11 5SF
Phone: 0113-277-0916


My Skills

Eric Okhiria's unwavering commitment to defending the rights of individuals and promoting social justice reflects his passion for the law and advocacy. With a wealth of experience in criminal defense and human rights law, Eric provides compassionate representation and tireless advocacy for his clients, ensuring that their voices are heard and their rights are protected.