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Criminal Injury Compensation

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Criminal Injury Compensation Act Passes!

If you have been injured as a result of a criminal act you may be able to claim compensation through the criminal INJURIES COMPENSATION AUTHORITY. You may have been the direct victim of, for example, an assault or your injury may have been sustained when you were attempting to help the police after a crime had been committed. A close relative of a person who died because of injuries can also make a claim.

You must report the incident to the police at the earliest opportunity and an application must normally be made within two years of the incident. However, in exceptional circumstances, the authority may be willing to extend the time limit. An example would be if you are making a claim for abuse you suffered as a child. You must apply on line or through the telephone helpline.

Criminal compensation orders: A person convicted of a criminal offence may be ordered by the court to pay compensation for an injury, loss or damage THEY HAVE CAUSE TO SOMEONE ELSE BY COMMITTING THE OFFENCE. If you are the person who has sustained the injury or loss you cannot apply for this yourself, so it is important that you give the prosecution full and accurate information about the injuries or losses to put before the court.

The amount of compensation will depend on what the offender can afford to pay, but the maximum is £5,000.00. If a criminal compensation order is made, the court will be responsible for making sure the offender pays. Please contact us if you are a victim of an assault or your injury may have been sustained when you were attempting to help the police after a crime had been committed, or your close relative died because of injuries sustained as a result of a crime.